finding the right agent: why you should use an agent

You are unique, and you shouldn’t settle for a mundane home buying experience and subpar agent. Buying a home is likely one of the most important and financially daunting tasks in your life — and you should not do it alone. Unlike jumping into an Uber, where the transaction frequency is high and risk of error low, buying a home is an enormous undertaking that requires skills and knowledge only excellent agents possess.

It’s never too early to start finding the best agent for you. This allows for more time to get to know the agent, for them to understand your wants and needs, and form a better working relationship and trust.

The first thing you should do is identify your real estate needs. What matters most to you? What type of financing do you qualify for? Do you desire specific neighborhood areas? School districts? Unique features? It’s important you find an agent who has experience specializing in those needs. In the next section we’ll discuss the tools you can use to help find agents who specialize in certain geographic locations, price points, and more.


A good real estate agent can help you see things you cannot — that could save you literally thousands of dollars. Agents can leverage their network to find unlisted properties, gather insights regarding market dynamics, source public records to determine taxes and liens, and provide a wealth of knowledge you may not have.

Buying a home is also an emotional experience and having a trusted advisor can be the difference between a wonderful and a terrible home buying journey.