There exists an enormous technology gap in the real estate sector

And we would argue in this sector more than any other. This is because the technology that has been adopted has been developed almost exclusively for the broker.

While the industry continued to focus on the broker, consumer companies like Zillow came along. However, none of these tools have reconciled the key issue:

Brokers and consumers need technology that enables them to work together.

Homebloq started during conversations with brokers in Chicago over two years ago that has evolved into developing a platform that allows brokers to search alongside their clients and stay informed with real-time notifications while leveraging unique insights from buyer’s behavior and their local community of peers.

We believe in enabling brokers with technology. Our mission is to use technology to reinvent how brokers work with home buyers and sellers.

Real estate will always be a relationship driven business, and no amount of technology will change that. Clients are better off when their broker is spending more time providing guidance and advice through the use of technology and analytics, not pushing papers, setting up searches, and drawing school boundaries.

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