How We Choose the Best Agents

Choosing the right agent can have a large impact on your home buying or selling experience. That’s why we make it easy for buyer’s and seller’s to find the best local agents. These are agents we know and trust and must meet specific criteria to be eligible to be featured on Homebloq.

Selection Criteria

mockup-of-an-imac-standing-in-a-solid-colored-space-24782 (1).png

We must know them: Each agent we feature on Homebloq is someone we know and trust. This may be through a referral or a past working relationship.

Must be full-time: We only accept agents who are full-time agents.

Actively Buying or Selling: We review past transaction history to ensure these agents are actively buying or selling on behalf of clients.

Prefer a Social Butterfly: We review an agent’s social media presence, activity in the local association, and content they’re writing to find thought leaders in the marketplace and tend to feature those agents.

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