Affordability Planning


Getting a mortgage can seem like a challenging task, but we’ll help you get the right documents in place, understand mortgage math to help pick the right mortgage, and know what questions to ask lenders when you’re deciding with whom to work.


What You Need to Apply for a Mortgage

What documents should you have together to get pre-approved and why getting pre-approved makes a difference

What You Need >


How To Save for a Down Payment

Here are recommended ways to save for a downpayment and how different downpayment amounts can affect your monthly payment

How To Save >


How Financing Works

How do banks assess your ability to borrow and what steps are involved

How It Works >


Mortgages Explained

Mortgage math explained so you can better understand your affordability and differentiate between mortgage products

Mortgages Explained >


How Much Cash You Really Need

You’ll need not only a down payment, but closing costs and an emergency fund. We’ll help you figure out what that number is

How Much You Really Need >


Questions to Ask Your Lender

What questions should you be asking your lender that your agent cannot answer

Questions to Ask >

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