buying and closing: the final walkthrough

The final walkthrough is just that — the last opportunity before closing to perform an informal inspection and confirm the home is in the same condition under which you presented your offer and was accepted, any negotiated repairs (see below) have been performed, and that anything negotiated to be left behind (whether a fixture such as a deck or an appliance) was done so.

Your agent, depending on the state, may be required to be there for both the final walkthrough and inspection, and we strongly recommend you include them in this step even if it’s not legally required. More sets of eyes, the better. Here’s what you should consider bringing:

Your Checklist and Notepad to Confirm Discussed Items

A Camera for Proof if Needed

Your Inspection Summary to Ensure Requested Repairs Were Completed

Lastly, be sure to check all appliances, windows, sinks and showers, cabinet doors, electrical, heating and air — pretty much everything!