the home search: choosing schools

The quality of schools can have a large impact on the future value of your home. Even if you do not have kids, choosing a home in a good school district, all other things aside, can be a smart and savvy move. How can you determine high quality schools?

School Research Tools


Besides word of mouth and referrals, apps such as Trulia, your local public school websites, and school data aggregators like can provide objective analysis of schools based on quantitative metrics like test schools, teacher-to-student ratio, and many others.

A Saved Search based on Pritzker Elementary in Homebloq

A Saved Search based on Pritzker Elementary in Homebloq

Finding Homes Based on Schools

Homebloq allows buyers and their agents to set home searches by school districts, making it easy to know when listings come to the market in your preferred school zone.

Other tools exist that allow agents to draw school boundaries and set up searches within school districts as well.

In addition to online tools, attending school sessions and referrals work great! Other tools, such as have school ratings that are sourced by parent reviews. While these ratings are publicly available, note that they are not based purely on unbiased data such as other tools.